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6 Thoughts to “How do I log into my Mibizzo account?”

  1. Hi Marcus,
    I really enjoyed this post. It is a great reminder how everyday social skills can be applied to online communications. I have a question – is it okay to reply to several people in one reply? On my site the functionality doesn’t let you reply to each individual comment. It is more like a list of comments under the main question. So if I log in after a few hours there are often 4 or 5 comments from different members. So I reply to them all in my one comment. If that makes sense. Is this still okay? I know it isn’t as personal, but I can’t figure out how else I’d respond on my platform. I’d love your thoughts on this! Thanks!

  2. Great Article! I really appreciate your tips as I am a new blogger- I will definitely refer to this in the future!


  3. Thanks for this great post mibizzo. There’s lots of actionable information here, and it’s so personal too. I like the “Say a Simple Hello” and “Sign Your Name”. Really simple.
    Great ideas to keep in mind!

  4. Superb article, mibizzo.
    I’m a long time reader but recently converted to participation at the Social Media Examiner. The value in turn has been tremendous and I appreciate you reviewing the fundamentals of strong blog communications. You’re right to say that ought to be considered natural but where do the manners go?

    One additional thought I would add is to make certain your blog comments are in-line with your unique voice you’ve cultivated. To not do so would be like an actor breaking character mid-performance. Consistency is next to godliness, right?


  5. Hi Marcus, great post! Blogging is not all about curating your own blog but also sharing your views on other blogs or even just that. Thanks for the friendly reminder 🙂
    Cheers, Maren

  6. Do you have any type of suggestions for composing short articles?

    That’s where I always struggle and I just wind up looking vacant screen for long period of time.

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